The future’s bright, the future’s orangery for Milton Keynes customer

Large orangery extension in Milton Keynes

Our Win-Dor installation team recently had the pleasure of completing the installation of an impressive glazed orangery extension at a home in Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes. Ms. Birkett wished to benefit from the fashionable style of living that a modern, double glazed extension has to offer.

A modern orangery that instantly felt like a natural extension

The orangery was designed to be large in scale, allowing Ms. Birkett to maximise the amount of living space available in her property whilst ensuring that it always felt like a natural extension to her existing home. This was primarily achieved thanks to the large amount of brick work incorporated, with a style specifically chosen to mimic the main household.
The building work included the installation of a glazed roof which will aid the space in remaining light, open and most importantly, inviting. Combining all the benefits of a conservatory and a traditional extension, Ms. Birkett opted for an orangery from Win-Dor with the hope of adding both value and style for contemporary living.

Versatile bifold doors for open plan living

The Win-Dor installation team also installed a set of uPVC bi-folding doors in the extension, to match the appearance of the accompanying windows. Acting as the ideal way to create a link between home and garden, the multi-facet design of bi-folding doors helped to create an especially wide opening in the extension, providing unrestricted access for the homeowner.
Depending on the size of the extension, bi-folding doors can incorporate up to 7 panes without compromising ease of access or usability. In terms of Ms. Birkett’s new orangery, the bi-folding doors were designed to incorporate 4, making in room for the adjacent symmetrical sets of casement windows which further maximises light space.

Symmetrical design for Ms Birkett to utilise all available space

Ms. Birkett’s new orangery was designed to boast a simple rectangular shape to never feel intrusive in the garden area, this also allows standard living room furniture to be utilised within the new space, leaning neatly up against the orangery’s brick foundation.
Win-Dor sales manager Andrew McAuliffe expressed his thoughts on the project: “More and more, local homeowners are recognising the benefits that a bespoke orangery can bring to their property. Now acting as a versatile extended living space that can be utilised all year round as opposed to just the summer.” He continued, “Win-Dor are committed to providing the people of Milton Keynes with the highest quality of customer service, high pressure sales are simply not our style.”

Happy customers with Win-Dor service!

If you’re thinking about enhancing your home with a light yet solid orangery extension and reap the rewards like Ms. Birkett, Win-Dor’s highly experienced installation team can comfortably guide you throughout the process. There’s never been a better time to start transforming your home! For more information feel free to call us your closest Win-Dor team or get in touch online.