Classic good looks

Patio doors from Win-Dor offer great aesthetics, and are an excellent choice of door for homeowners wishing to create a wide opening onto an outdoor space. Win-Dor can manufacture and install patio doors which offer some of the slimmest profiles on the market, which means we can offer you better sightlines and a product designed to match our range of windows and doors.

Modern design benefits

Because our patio doors feature especially slim profiles, the door’s frame is less intrusive on your property’s interior when not in use, and they can help add a sense of openness and light to your home. Because of their superior design, our patio doors have use for multiple applications, as either a standard patio door, or alternatively as a door which leads to a conservatory or porch. Our sliding patio doors are available in 2, 3 and 4 part configurations, so no matter what size your property is, or what style of door you may prefer, we can supply the right patio door for you.

Low maintenance and high performance

Because Win-Dor patio doors are made with a fully welded construction they boast excellent levels of durability, so you can be sure that if you choose patio doors from Win-Dor, you’re making a worthwhile and long term investment.

While our patio doors feature maximum glass area for optimum levels of visibility and light, they are still able to maintain high levels of energy efficiency. When using appropriate glazing, they are able to fully comply with current Building Regulations for energy efficiency, meaning that they can not only improve your home’s aesthetics, but also its levels of energy efficiency.

In terms of maintenance, Win-Dor patio doors are also a very much a fit-and-forget product. Featuring double brush seals on all four sides, they are highly weather resistant to protect your property from even the harshest of weather conditions, and as a result require minimal levels of maintenance to keep them looking and performing to a high standard.