Helping homes make the most of both warmth and energy

Specifically designed to help reduce the amount of heat that would normally escape the home, aluminium windows from Win-Dor make effective use of a thermally broken frame that helps provide homeowners with a window that has distinct advantages to result in a more comfortable home. Opting for aluminium windows means insulating your home, improving aesthetics and more.

Modern aluminium windows installed by Win-Dor combines good quality glazing with an expertly designed profile. This helps make every part of your home suitable for use all year round, reducing the risk of pesky draughts without any swelling or rattle. Once installed, the aluminium frames are resistant to warping, rusting and flaking, resulting in a sound investment for anyone’s budget.

Providing glorious outside views with a unique sense of style

Thanks to their elegantly slim sightlines, you’ll never struggle to feel closer to the outside with any aluminium installed by Win-Dor. Because aluminium is a naturally strong material, when used as window frames they can easily accommodate larger glass panes with less bulky sashes, this not only allows for generous outside views but means sunlight can more successfully enter the home.

Additionally, Win-Dor can easily provide homeowners with a dual colour option with every aluminium window which means having a choice of finishes and colours externally and internally. Never before has it been easier to project varying moods or style in the home. Aluminium windows excel at providing a great degree of customisability and style.