Expansive new orangery for happy Milton Keynes couple!

Streeter orangery

Win-Dor recently had the esteemed pleasure to complete the build and install of a new bespoke orangery for Mr and Mrs Streeter, at their home situated in Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes. The couple had heard of the reliable customer service our installation team can regularly provide on similar projects, knowing immediately that we were the guys for the job!

A versatile design that can be utilised for any home application

When discussing with Win-Dor whether to opt for a conservatory or orangery for their home, both Mr and Mrs Streeter eventually concluded to go for the latter, recognising the many advantages a modern orangery has over the typical humble conservatory. Of top priority, was the ability for the new extension to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of their main household.

The seamless brickwork of the rectangular orangery made the structure feel like a nature extension of the property rather than a separate structure entirely, the design itself makes it more possible for Mr and Mrs Streeter to use it however they choose. The lifestyle applications of a new orangery from Win-Dor are whatever the homeowner makes it, being utilised as perhaps a kitchen, dining extension or simply somewhere more civilised to unwind to enjoy in the company of friends.

50% brickwork for 100% comfort and efficiency

orangery inside
The building work consisted of creating the majority of the structure out of brick, the foundation for any strong and dependable orangery. This brick base was followed by a wooden framed structure that boasts glass mounted panels, and a roof lantern that is shaped to allow maximum light to enter. Mr and Mrs Streeter knew that when opting for an orangery as opposed to a conservatory, their home would continue to run at peak energy efficiency.

Orangeries are more energy efficient than a regular extension since they allow more light to enter, and much like a greenhouse this will help to heat the room in the winter months. Combine these attributes with a modern polycarbonate roof that can achieve U-values as low as 1.6, and the result is a living space that can be utilised all year round as opposed to just spring and summer.

Bifold doors for a natural garden transition

orangery bifolds
It was important to Mr and Mrs Streeter that access to their luscious garden was never obstructed by their new extension, making the installation of bi-folding doors an essential to facilitate open-plan living. The bi-fold doors consisted of three door panels that when either closed or open would allow for maximum light to effortlessly create a natural atmosphere, but could also tuck neatly to the orangery’s left side so to never intrude.

This allows for Mr and Mrs Streeter to naturally transition to their garden with an effortless sliding operation whenever they desire, being a perfect way to allow their beagle to stretch his legs also. Acting as the ideal way to create a link between home and garden, bi-folding doors helped to create an especially wide opening in the orangery, providing unrestricted access.

Don’t delay: Treat your home with a new orangery today!

Win-Dor have over 30 years’ experience providing homeowners throughout Milton Keynes with a range of uniquely designed orangeries, such as our most recent installation for Mr and Mrs Streeter. It’s never been easier to see how your home could benefit from an extension, with our local showroom located locally on Dunsby road.

For more information regarding any of our home improvement products pop in to our nearby showroom for a coffee and a chat, call us on 01908 233 433 or get in touch online today!