Add a sense of theatre to your home with a gable conservatory

With tall, sloping roofs and majestic lines, a gable-fronted conservatory from Win-Dor is the perfect way to add a touch of drama to your home whilst also improving thermal insulation and floorspace.

Impressive aesthetics; perfect for adding drama to a property

Combining simple, yet elegant detailing and a grand, striking height, gable conservatories are designed to impress. Instead of sloping backwards, the front panel of a gable-fronted conservatory is fixed so that within the structure there is a greater feeling of height. In addition, with a large floor area, a gable conservatory is perfect for adding extra usable space to your property. This extra height and space makes the aesthetic of a gable conservatory seem spectacular.

Impeccable energy efficiency and temperature control

Supplied with energy efficient double glazing as standard, our gable conservatories have exceptional thermal insulation. Thanks to the multi-chambered uPVC profile used in their design, gable conservatories from Win-Dor eliminate uncomfortable temperature extremes. This keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Variety of colour options and woodgrain foils to choose from

Conservatories from Win-Dor are available in 150 RAL colours. With an array of popular hues to choose from, including Chartwell Green and Duck Egg Blue, there’s sure to be a colour to match your needs. What’s more, we even offer the option of woodgrain foils like Rosewood and Golden Oak so that you can cheat and get the look of real timber!

Features and benefits of a Gable conservatory

  • Impressive aesthetics: perfect for making a statement
  • Large floor area adds additional space to a property
  • Supplied with high quality double glazing as standard
  • Choose from a durable polycarbonate roof or exceptional quality glass roof
  • Over 150 RAL colours to choose from