Dedicated in-house colour spraying

At Win-Dor we understand that it’s important you get your home looking exactly the way you want. That’s why we’re proud to boast that we can provide you with windows that can be made to your exact colour specification with our in-house colour spraying service. This means that in addition to their excellent levels of performance, you can have any of our uPVC windows made in virtually any colour you like. We are able to match the major colour coding systems including RAL, BS and Dulux, so whether you want to match your home’s existing colour scheme, or feel like sprucing up your home with vibrant new windows, we have the expertise and equipment to suit your requirements.

Advanced & durable window colouring process

Whether it’s casement, tilt and turn or vertical sliding windows, our whole uPVC window range can be coloured using our advanced in-house Kolorbond spray technology. Kolorbond is a special coating designed to paint uPVC and other hard plastics (acrylic, polyester), but the advantage it has over other paints is that it forms a molecular bond with the plastic rather than simply sticking to the surface. As a result, adhesion on our uPVC windows is guaranteed for 15 years, and resistance to fading is ensured for up to 10 years, meaning that your windows will stay looking better for longer.

Aluminium coloured windows

Not only can we manufacture and install coloured uPVC windows, but we can also supply aluminium windows in a variety of coloured options. Whatever finish or colour you require, we can provide aluminium windows which can be finished in a wide choice of colours which includes opulent golden oak and rich mahogany. We can even supply aluminium windows with a dual colour option, so you have a choice of different colours externally and internally. This means you can easily match the window’s interior to the decor of a specific room, whilst also having a different colour to match the property’s exterior.