In-house glazing

All of our sealed glazing units are manufactured and toughened in-house, so you can be assured that the manufacturing and glazing processes are combined in a seamless, straightforward operation. No matter your requirements, Win-Dor can cater for virtually all glazing needs – unlike other providers we can even offer specialist glazing services in-house, such as leaded and stained glass options.

Energy efficient glazing options

If energy efficiency is a high priority, both our double and triple glazed units can be fitted with energy efficient glass to more than achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating. When our thermally insulating uPVC and aluminium frames are combined with Argon filled sealed units, they can reach very impressive levels of thermal retention.

To further improve their energy performance, we can also fit our window frames with low-emissivity coated thermal glass. Our most energy efficient glazing options are able to achieve excellent passive solar gain, as they have alternate coatings on the interior and exterior – both reflecting heat back into the room and also letting in free heat from the sun.

Tinted & decorative glass options

For large constructions like conservatories and substantially sized windows, installing tinted or decorative glass can be important for those who require a particular aesthetic, or are concerned about privacy and security. Win-Dor can manufacture windows with a range of decorative glass options which provide style and privacy while also permitting maximum levels of light. Whether you require transparent or translucent glass, we can supply you with glazing to meet your needs, be it laminated, sand blasted or acid etched glass, or even a totally opaque glazing option such as enamelled or mirrored glass.

To help deal with solar control, we can also fit our frames with tinted glass in grey, blue, green and bronze colours to help regulate temperatures and levels of natural light to help you create the perfect levels of ambient lighting and heat.