P-shape conservatory

Create additional living space with a P-shaped conservatory

Suited to larger properties, the P-shaped conservatory combines elements of Victorian and Lean-to conservatory styles making it the best choice for families. With the aesthetics and space benefits of a Victorian style and the extra natural light transmission of a Lean-to style, P-shaped conservatories provide the perfect balance of traditional aesthetics and modern performance.

Large footprint: perfect for larger properties

Taking their name from their distinctive shape, P-shaped conservatories benefit from an increased footprint which provides more space than conventional conservatories. This extra space makes them perfect for a range of uses; from lounges and dining rooms to play rooms and offices. If you’re looking to create extra space around your home, a P-shaped could be for you.

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Benefiting from high quality, multi-chambered uPVC, our P-shaped conservatories are capable of achieving exceptional levels of thermal insulation. This means that they can help to keep a property warmer for longer which can potentially save you money on your heating bills.

Supplied with high quality double or triple glazing as standard, we can also offer the option of self-cleaning glazing for reduced maintenance or solar control glazing for increased temperature balancing.

Features and benefits of an P-shaped conservatory from Win-Dor

  • Crafted from from high quality, easy to maintain uPVC for enhanced energy efficiency and longevity
  • High quality uPVC double or triple glazing supplied as standard
  • Custom glazing available, including self-cleaning and solar control glass
  • Choose from a glass or polycarbonate roof
  • Available in an extensive range of RAL colours and woodgrain foils