Dramatically increase aesthetics and natural light with a Reverse Lean-to / Sunroom

Utilising an innovative design the pitched roof of a reverse lean-to/ sunroom slopes towards your home instead of away from it, creating an impressive modern aesthetic. Its intelligent design not only increases the amount of glazing in your conservatory, maximising natural light, it also increases panoramic views. A Reverse Lean-to conservatory is thus the perfect addition to larger modern homes.

Striking modern aesthetics, superb natural light

Thanks to its innovative design, full of crisp lines and sleek structural supports, Reverse Lean-to conservatories boast an impressive modern aesthetic that can help to improve the look of any contemporary home. Striking, creative and breath-taking, a Reverse Lean-to/ Sunroom is the perfect conservatory style to show off the modern design of your property.

Enhanced energy efficiency

Supplied with high quality double glazing as standard, our Reverse Lean-to conservatories benefit from the latest multi-chambered uPVC for enhanced levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. This helps to balance temperature in the conservatory, making it usable all year round.

Features and benefits of a Reverse Lean-to Conservatory

  • Reverse sloping roof maximises thermal and natural light benefits of glazing whilst providing incredible modern aesthetics
  • Made from easy to maintain, long lasting uPVC profile for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient double glazing supplied as standard
  • Choose from over 150 RAL colours, including popular hues such as Chartwell Green