Patio Doors vs French Doors

So, you’re in the process of redecorating your home ready for the Summer but you’re undecided on whether you should choose Patio or French doors. Which one will improve your individual space the most, whilst looking the most aesthetically pleasing?

The simple answer is: it all depends on how you plan on using the doors in your home. Different property types and layouts will play a key role in your final decision. Make a start by asking yourself:

Does the doorway in question have a glazed extension overlapping the doors?

White patio door installation


If so, your best option in this situation would be the sensational sliding patio door design. Hinged doors could inhibit the amount of available space inside your glazed extension or living space. Sliding patio doors would truly enhance this area, not detracting from any valuable space that could be used for something else, e.g. additional furniture.

Patio Door Advantages

  1. Fitting alternative to swinging doors on hinges
    2. Elderly and disability friendly, due to smooth easy-slide action
    3. Tidy door design with user-friendly operating system
    4. High security locks that meet Secured by Design standards
    5. Energy A rated glass

Do you want to let in as much warmth & light as possible?

If so, your best option here would be the fabulous French Door design. Let the summer warmth in by opening both sets of doors and utilising their full width opening. French doors offer essential extra space that patio doors just can’t compete with.

french doors versatility

French Door Advantages

  1. Unrestricted access
  2. Maximum ventilation
  3. French doors have a primary door and a ‘slave’ door, meaning that you only have to use one part of the door instead of both
  4. Classic aesthetics, perfect for traditional properties
  5. French doors from Win-Dor include dummy mullions, allowing for full aperture opening coupled with Secured by Design hinges

Furthermore, Win-Dor French doors and patio doors are one of the most competitively priced products on the market. So, you are fully assured that by choosing Win-Dor you’ll be getting fantastic value for money. Still undecided on which door is right for your home? Get in touch with our eager team and see how we can help you further in your quest for the perfect doorway, across Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.