High quality uPVC windows that are quality and versatile

At Win-Dor we offer a full range of uPVC window styles and additional glazing options, installed with care and attention to offer homes throughout Milton Keynes and Northampton, the very best in performance and versatility. Combining classical aesthetics with modern energy efficiency, you can be assured that our uPVC windows are the perfect solution for every style of home.

The perfect blend of performance and low maintenance

uPVC windows from Win-Dor offer exceedingly low levels of maintenance in a plethora of comforting glazing options, including single, double and triple glazing. Utilising multi-chambered frames wrapped using modern uPVC material, they will ensure that your home runs at the pinnacle energy efficiency to reduce your energy bills and retain warmth.

Unlike traditional timber windows, uPVC alternatives don’t demand much looking after, allowing you to enjoy their versatility and bespoke design for many decades without the need for hassle. They can achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating (WER) without the need for additional thermal inserts, acting as the perfect blend of performance and low maintenance.

Complementing traditional and contemporary homes

Because they are such a versatile choice capable of incorporating various design elements like decorative glazing, RAL colouring and various window configurations, uPVC windows from Win-Dor are a great choice for traditional homes, modern properties and every type of property in between. Working well as a subtle addition or a distinctive style statement, uPVC windows more than meet the demands of any 21st century home.