Efficient triple glazed windows

Triple glazed windows from Win-Dor achieve outstanding Window Energy Ratings. They also achieve incredibly low U-Values – a system which is used to measure a window’s heat loss. A window with a low U-Value indicates that it is an energy efficient and thermally retentive window. Higher U-values show that a window is more inefficient. Using triple glazed Argon sealed units, our windows can achieve a U-Value of 0.8 W/m2K, which is roughly twice as efficient as current building regulations stipulate. The extra pane of glass is encapsulated and has no air movement around it. This reduces heat loss thus improving energy efficiency.

The increased energy efficiency means that our triple glazed units are even suitable for homeowners looking to achieve Passivhaus status. Passivhaus status is a certification denoting a building which is able to provide high levels of comfort while using very little energy from non-organic heating and cooling processes. Passivhaus efficiency is made possible by meticulous attention to detail and rigorous design, and is currently the most energy efficient specification for a building in the UK.

Why choose triple glazing?

  • Improved acoustic insulation: As well as offering improved heat insulation, triple glazing can have a significant impact to your home by reducing the levels of noise pollution. If you live in a city or in an area busy with traffic, or are particularly concerned with maintaining high levels of noise insulation, triple glazed windows are the perfect choice for your home.
  • Increase your property’s value: Triple glazing is a sound investment, not just because it helps to reduce the cost of your energy bills, but because it can also help to increase the value of your property. For some properties, the installation of triple glazing can raise the value of your house by up to 5%.
  • Outstanding heat insulation: In addition to the above benefits, triple glazing can give a property excellent levels of thermal retention. Compared with both single and double glazed units, triple glazing can keep heat in your home for much longer thanks to its multiple layers of insulation. Using Low Iron glass, solar gain is increased, further improving heat retention. With reduced energy consumption, the investment in triple glazing results in a beneficial impact on both the environment and on your finances.