Verandas vs porches

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Us Britons are a house-proud lot, constantly looking for more fresh and innovative ways in which to spoil our properties creatively while also improving our home life. Two of the most popular up and coming ways of doing this is via the addition of a veranda or porch, both subtle ways of extending the home, but which of these options would best suit your home?

We at Win-Dor have decided to explore the benefits of both. Hoping to help homeowners throughout Northampton, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire make an informed decision!

Verandas: Subtle shelters that make a difference

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The perfect way to make those warm Summer nights stretch out even longer, verandas are a simple form of shelter that highlights your outside dining area. They’re a relatively hassle-free way to add financial and practical value to your home, never requiring planning permission or complex installation practices. They offer patio and decking protection 365 days a year and the time from initial enquiry to eventual veranda use can be surprisingly quick.

  • Perfect for hosting parties and social gatherings
  • Engineered in 100% recyclable aluminium
  • High wind and air resistance for year-round use
  • Sufficient decking/patio shelter and protection
  • No planning permission required

Porches: Front-facing storage with identity

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Providing all styles of UK home with lashings of extra space, porches are typically installed towards the front of a property and onto the entrance. More so than verandas, porches have a large aesthetic impact on your overall home, acting as a nice front-facing centre piece that’s also ideal for storing shoes, hanging coats, and even welcoming guests. Porches add privacy while still being neighbourly, representing the best of both worlds.

  • Adds much-appreciated extra space to the front of the home
  • An extra layer of defence against unwanted intruders
  • A stylish centrepiece
  • Capable of improving energy efficiency
  • No planning permission required

Verandas and porches: Which will best suit your needs?

Now that we’ve clearly defined the traditional purposes of both, it’s worth noting that the main differentiating factor between the two is that one is more impactful. While verandas have many valuable uses such as space definition, shelter, and even shade, porches are a much greater home improvement endeavour, reinventing how homeowners interact with their properties directly.

That’s not to discount all the benefits verandas bring. Merely to say that by and large verandas are passive and a luxury in the sense that social gatherings and parties can still be had without them, while porches are a daily addition that wholeheartedly improves the home experience. It all comes down to the home improvement mind set you find yourself currently in, and whether you’d like to add a subtle value proposition (veranda) or long-term one (Porch).

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Having helped the people of Northampton, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire improve their homes since 1978, we like to think we know a thing or two about porches and verandas. Whichever choice you feel is best suited to your needs, when opting for Win-Dor you’ll be able to rest comfortably knowing that we apply these 4 decades of experience to every project.

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