Polycarbonate vs glass conservatory roofs: which is best?

Polycarbonate vs glass conservatory roofs

The roof of your conservatory is the most important part of it. It keeps the structure together and protects it from wind, rain and snow. Many original conservatories from the 1990s have polycarbonate roofs which were adequate and affordable at the time. However, many now find themselves not enjoying their conservatory during winter and summer due to extreme temperatures. Let’s take a look at how glass compares.

Polycarbonate vs glass conservatory roofs

Who wins in the battle of the conservatory roofs? Let’s take a look at how they both measure up with the features that are most important in conservatories.


The main draw of a glass roof over polycarbonate alternatives is the thermal insulation it gives. Many old polycarbonate conservatories are now passed their best and often didn’t offer high levels of insulation to begin with. In summer, the conservatory feels like a greenhouse with unbearable heat and during winter can be the coldest room. Polycarbonate U-Value’s start at 1.75 but can be much higher. Our glass roofs offer incredibly low U-Values of 1.0 which will keep your conservatory as insulated and efficient as possible. Your heat will be kept in during the colder months which will save you money on your heating bills. With reflective technology, the sun’s rays can’t overheat the room in summer. With UV protection which polycarbonate doesn’t have, your furniture can also be protected from the damaging sun.

Sound insulation

If you’ve even spent time in a polycarbonate roofed conservatory during heavy rain, you’ll be familiar with the unbearable noise. Conservatories are meant to be rooms to relax in and enjoy your views. Being interrupted with the thudding of rain and howling of the wind is the last thing you want. Glass has improved acoustic insulation so this is never an issue.

White uPVC victorian conservatory interior


Crystal clear glass lets light fill your home as well as giving you beautiful views of a summer or star-filled sky. Glass is a stunning material and with the options of tints to reduce glare, you can enjoy an attractive conservatory. Polycarbonate is often translucent so is not completely clear and doesn’t give the same look as glass.


Polycarbonate was originally chosen as an effective material that would keep your conservatory protected. However, over time it can become worn and damaged and lead to leaks. A high-performance glass roof will keep your conservatory weatherproof and is tougher and more resistant to damage than polycarbonate.


Our glass roofs use an easy clean coating which repels dirt. This gives you a clean looking conservatory that doesn’t require any effort to keep looking good. Polycarbonate cannot offer this, so you have two choices. Take on the arduous job of cleaning it every so often or leaving it to gather dirt and moss.

Attractive and efficient replacement conservatory roofs for all homes

Our glass replacement conservatory roofs offer you an attractive look that ensures your conservatory stands out for the right reasons. Available to be fitted onto existing conservatories as well as new ones, they will breathe some life into your home. You also choose a solid roof for your conservatory for extra shade and insulation. Ensure you get a professional in to replace your roof so you don’t suffer any issues. Get in touch to find out more about our warming conservatory roofs.