Orangeries vs conservatories: The definition

White uPVC T-Shaped Conservatory orangeries vs conservatories

When you’re deciding which glazed extension you want for your home, it’s easy to get confused with the different types. Orangeries, conservatories, what’s the difference between the two? Which one’s better for my home? Let’s make it all a bit clearer by looking at what both are and how they can transform your home.

Classic conservatories

Conservatories have been a regular sight around many neighbourhoods for the last 20 years or so. They’re so popular as give you more space in your home without the need of an often costly extension. Conservatories are mainly made up of glazing and are a stylish addition to any home. The official definition of a conservatory as determined by the Local Authority Building Control is the following:

  • Have at least 50% of the external walls made of translucent material
  • Have at least 75% of the roof area formed of translucent materials
  • Be at ground level
  • Be thermally separated from the main building by exterior quality doors, windows or walls

These rules are not as enforced nowadays, for example, you can have a solid roof on your conservatory if you wish.

The main reason for adding a conservatory to your home as well as adding extra space is to enjoy your views and let some sun into your home. This makes them ideal as a warm south-facing lounge or a dining room ideal for parties.

orangeries vs conservatories

Opulent orangeries

You’d be forgiven for assuming an orangery was for growing fruit in. Originally, they were used to protect fruit trees from the harsh British weather in grand estates and houses of the aristocracy. Hence the name. The main difference that sets them apart from a conservatory is less glazing. They’re seen as a bridge between a conservatory and an extension. An orangery is more likely to have a solid or lantern roof and can have brick bases and solid pillars. This enables it to look more like an extension and adds more insulation. The addition of a lantern roof is a stylish way of letting more light into your orangery and also becomes a stunning centrepiece. Orangeries make an ideal room for entertaining with their elegant feel.

Orangeries vs conservatories: our beautiful range

Some see orangeries as more luxurious than their fully glazed cousins. But here at Win-Dor, we believe you can create a beautiful glazed extension in so many different ways. The most important thing, whether you choose an orangery or conservatory, is that it looks exactly how you want it to. Whether you want to extend your kitchen or have a children’s playroom, give your home the extra space and style it needs. We create beautiful designs and will work with you to create a bespoke space the whole family will love. Get in touch with us today to find a glazed extension that will transform your home.