Double glazing vs triple glazing: why homes in Milton Keynes prefer triple glazing over double glazing

Energy Efficient Windows, double glazing in Milton Keynes

When it comes to glazing, technological advances mean modern windows offer more than enough insulation and security for modern homes. When it comes to the battle of the glazing; what’s best for your Milton Keynes homes? Double or triple glazing?

Double Glazing

This is the most popular form of glazing nationwide due to its effectiveness and affordability. Two pieces of glass separated by an air or gas filled space ensure high levels of energy efficiency and insulation. Draughts will become a problem of the past and you’ll find yourself using your heating a lot less with windows that can achieve an A energy rating.

Modern double glazed windows are extremely secure. All of our home improvement products are Secured by Design accredited, giving you the peace of mind that they offer high levels of intruder resistance. With multipoint locking and internal beading, your home will be safe and secure.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is a more recent development compared to double glazing. Simply by adding another glass pane improves both thermal and acoustic insulation. You’re given an extra layer of insulation which will remove draughts and ensure a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Save money on your energy bills by using your heating less.

When it comes to security, triple glazing gives you an extra pane of glass that an intruder would have to break through in order to gain access to your home. This could be the perfect choice if burglary is something that worries you. With statistics realised recently putting Milton Keynes in the top 20 parts of the country for burglary claims, it makes sense. By strengthening your windows, you’re improving your home’s defence against intruders.

If you live in a busy area, under a flight path or your home is on a main road, unwanted noise might be a problem in your home. Triple glazing provides an additional barrier against noise and leave you with a peaceful home. Triple glazing is more expensive compared to double glazing, but depending on your home’s needs, the benefits could outweigh this.

Perfect triple and double glazing in Milton Keynes

Here at Win-Dor, we can supply and install high-quality double and triple glazing across Bicester, Northampton and Milton Keynes. With exceptional workmanship, attention to detail and great customer service, we’re the perfect choice to upgrade your windows. Get in touch today to find out more.