When did double glazing become compulsory?

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Double glazing has been a staple of British homes now for over 40 years. Single glazing cannot offer the thermal and acoustic insulation of double glazing and eventually will let the cold in. It’s no wonder that double glazing has become so popular.

Double glazing: the most popular glazing type

It’s believed to have been developed as early as the 1870s but it wasn’t until 1930 that the modern double-glazed window was invented in the US. Before this, building regulations weren’t as strict. In 1965, the first building regulation legislation introduced a maximum u-value of 1.7 for the walls of properties. In 1973, due to the oil crisis, a maximum u-value of 1.8 for windows was introduced. Double glazing began to boom throughout the 70s and 80s and now all new homes have double glazed windows as standard. Since April 2002 it’s been mandatory for homes with replacement glazing to comply with Building Regulations. This ensures that adequate thermal, safety and ventilation standards are adhered to.

Know your home’s energy efficiency

Energy Performance Certificates are used to determine the energy rating of properties from A-G. Since 2007 it’s been mandatory for them to be produced whenever a property is built, sold or rented. As well as giving a rating it also gives advice on how the energy efficiency can be improved. Upgrading to double or triple glazing, wall insulation or an upgraded heating system will all help.

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From April 2018, all private rental properties are required to have a minimum energy rating of E. This will ensure that a basic level of efficiency is guaranteed in rental properties across the board. Upgrading from single to double glazing is one of the easiest ways of increasing a property’s energy rating. It will also make the property warmer and lower heating costs. If you want to find out if your home already has an EPC or to get it assessed, visit the government site.

Our high-quality double glazing

All our windows can achieve an A energy rating so you can be assured that they will keep your home protected against the elements. Enjoy a comfortable home and lower energy bills thanks to our energy efficient glazing. All of our home improvements including our double glazing are accredited by Secured by Design. This police initiative ensures that your home is as protected as possible against intrusion. Our windows are available in both uPVC and aluminium so you can choose the perfect ones for your home. Talk to us today to find out what double glazing or even triple can do for your home.