What to consider when planning a conservatory roof replacement

Solid tiled conservatory roof replacement installation

Why should you have a conservatory roof replacement? Conservatories are wonderful ways of extending your home without having an often expensive and disrupting extension built. However, if you’ve had your conservatory for a while and it still has its original polycarbonate roof, it might not be as efficient as it could be. Polycarbonate is not a great insulator, so during the winter your conservatory will probably feel like a freezer. This leaves you two options, chuck money away heating it with a portable radiator or just abandon it once it gets cold. When the sun is out during the summer, polycarbonate lets it all in so the room becomes unbearably hot. Again this means you’re not using your conservatory for half the year. With a brand new roof, you can keep your heat in during the winter and reflect the sun during the summer giving you the perfect room all year.

A glass or tiled roof?

What material do you want your new conservatory roof to be made of? Energy efficient glass will fill your conservatory with light which makes the room look bigger and welcoming. By using glass that reflects the sun’s energy out of the room, you won’t overheat and your warmth is kept in during the colder months. How about a solid roof? These warming tiled roofs have the benefit of letting your conservatory merge with the rest of your home. They also shade you from the sun and give you some privacy, important if your garden is overlooked. Another benefit of a solid roof is that you can enjoy a plastered ceiling which will further the feel of the conservatory being a natural part of your home. Integrated lights and speakers can be fitted. You can still let light in with skylights that can be opened to let air flow around your room.

Choose a new roof you can trust

Large Chartwell Green glass roof conservatory

The roof of your conservatory is the most important element so it’s important that it’s long lasting and durable to keep the structure stable and protected from the elements. The tiles in a solid roof are extremely sturdy and will last for years. Modern glass roofs are also a worthwhile investment and you can even choose self-cleaning glass which features a unique coating which dirt won’t stick to.

Do you need planning permission?

Have you considered if you need planning permission? Falling foul of planning laws can be costly so ensure you’re clued up. Normally, replacing your conservatory roof won’t require permission assuming you don’t live in a conservation area or listed building. However, you will still need to comply with building regulations. Your existing structure will need to be tested to ensure it can cope with the weight of a new roof.

How do you want your roof to look?

If you choose a solid roof, what colour tiles do you want? Are you trying to make a statement with a conservatory that stands out from the rest of your home or do you want it to blend in? The lightweight tiles are available in a range of attractive colours including black and terracotta.

Let us bring your conservatory back to life with a roof replacement

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