uPVC Conservatory Installation in Northampton

15 - Finished Build
The Win-Dor team of conservatory installation experts recently added a uPVC conservatory to a property in Northampton.
The homeowner wanted to add extra space to their property, whilst maximising natural light and aesthetics. They wanted to install a conservatory, but at the same time was worried about the amount of maintenance that such a structure might require.
As conservatory experts, Win-Dor knew exactly what to do. We recommended that the homeowner install a low-maintenance uPVC conservatory from our range that utilised self-cleaning glass.
The homeowner agreed with our recommendations and we go to work!

Initial work and design considerations

Before the conservatory could be installed, significant ground work was needed in order to create a stable foundation. Approximately 2 feet metres of soil had to be dug out initially in order to do this. Once we had completed this initial task it was time to get to work.
Our uPVC conservatory featured extra high frames in order to take the roof above the existing windows of the property. Finished with Northamptonshire stone for added authenticity, and crafted from high quality uPVC for improved thermal retention, this conservatory benefits from reduce maintenance making it the perfect addition to this property.

uPVC conservatory: the perfect type of conservatory

uPVC is the perfect material from which to make a conservatory. Durable, weatherproof and easy to maintain, uPVC conservatories require relatively little care to be kept looking and working well and are excellent value. This makes them perfect for time-pressed homeowners.
Furthermore, all of our uPVC conservatories utilise a complex multi-chambered profile design that maximises thermal and acoustic insulation, balancing temperatures much more efficiently that other types of conservatory.
17 - Finished Internals

Self-cleaning roof with Pilkington Active Blue glass for easy maintenance

Due to the requirement for a low-maintenance conservatory, we decided to install Pilkington Active Blue glass. This type of glazing is self-cleaning and can significantly reduce the amount of time that is needed to keep a conservatory clean. Coated in a special finish that uses UV rays to break down dirt particles and rainwater to wash them away, Active Blue glass also helps to reduce extremes in temperature as well as keeping temperatures at a comfortable level.
The homeowner was completely thrilled with the quality of the finished installation and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Win-Dor for future projects.
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