Can conservatories be built on any ground type?

White P-Shaped uPVC Conservatory

If you’re considering having a conservatory built, have you considered the ground that it’s built on? Many probably don’t but it’s an important consideration before any work starts.

Conservatories and subsidence

Substandard conservatories can cause many issues but one of the worst ones is caused by poorly built foundations. Many assume that a conservatory doesn’t need deep foundations, and this can cause issues with subsidence in the future. Subsidence is the movement of the earth’s surface and can cause houses to sink into the ground. It’s caused by the ground below shrinking or swelling due to changes in the weather. Clay soil is more likely to suffer this than other types. It can cause cracks and can ultimately lead to your conservatory having to be demolished.

Why does the type of soil my garden has affect my conservatory?

Britain has a wide variety of soil types ranging from sandy to clay. This allows different areas to grow different types of plants as well as being suitable for different kinds of construction. For example, Northamptonshire has quite wet and clay-like soil due to the proximity of the River Nene and being the divide between the River Severn and The Wash. The foundations of a conservatory will need to built with this in mind to ensure it’s a long-lasting structure. Another point to watch out for is any trees you have in or around you garden. Some trees can have very long and deep roots which can damage a conservatory.

What if my garden has a slope?

A level surface is needed to construct a conservatory on. Don’t be disheartened though if you do have a slope in your garden. A raised base can be used to even out your ground. Talk to your local conservatory installer to find out more about this.

What are the different types of conservatory base?

There are two main conservatory bases which will depend on your existing groundwork and the style of conservatory you’ve chosen. A traditional base uses concrete foundations which can take a while to set. The second uses a steel bases and steel foundations. This can be quicker but may not suit all types of ground.

The conservatory experts

Ensure you choose a conservatory expert for your new glazed extension. We will take care of everything when it comes to constructing your new conservatory. We’ll undertake a full site survey to determine what sort of base your new conservatory will need. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to find out more about our extensive conservatory range. From the traditional Victorian style to a solid roof spacious P-Shaped conservatory, let us create a bespoke one for your home.