What is a 3 season room? (And why is it not 4 seasons?!)

So, you’re planning on improving your home and have been researching the market to find the ideal way to extend your home. With such a range of options to choose from there are a few unfamiliar terms you’ve stumbled upon and need clarification on, e.g. What is a 3 season room? …

At Win-Dor we get asked this question quite often, so we thought we’d take a minute to offer an explanation. Helping you decide once and for all whether a 3-season or 4-season room is what you’re after!

If you live in a temperate climate then the functionality of 3 season and 4 season rooms can be quite similar. However, there are noticeable differences;

3 Season Rooms

• Heat cannot be regulated in Winter months
• Build to be used in Summer months
• Minimal energy efficient qualities
• Typically a screened porch with retractable windows/sliding panels
• Create the feel of a Sunroom without extra installations and added expense
• Can be constructed quicker that a 4 Season Room
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4 Season Rooms

• Superior insulated glass retains heat in colder months
• Reduces heat and ultraviolet rays from entering in warmer months
• Provides an additional living space, so it can be used all year round
• Real potential to increase property value
• Extra cost involved in comparison to a 3 Season Room
• Will take longer to construct in comparison to a 3 Season Room
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We hope we’ve helped you make an educated decision on what’s best for you and your home. But if you’d like to discuss 3 season or 4 season rooms in more depth, then please get in touch with the Win-Dor Team today. We look forward to hearing from you!